“Monetary Climate Change” – In Gold We Trust 2021

“Monetary Climate Change” – In Gold We Trust 2021

Dear friends,

We are delighted to send you the 15th edition of our annual In Gold We Trust report, titled “Monetary Climate Change.

Gold is on everyone’s lips again, and the question that now occupies us is: will inflation really be “transitory“? This year’s report takes a deep dive into this question, as well as a whole spectrum of other topics.

They include:

  • The status quo of gold: price developments in the last 12 months, the most important influencing factors, and trends in the gold market
  • Facets of “monetary climate change”:
    • Why the current surge in inflation is not temporary
    • Inflation as a risk to equity and bond markets
    • Government debt reduction through “yield curve control”
  • Are commodities at the start of a new supercycle?
  • De-dollarization 2021: Europe buys gold, China opens a digital front
  • Analysis of a combined Gold/Bitcoin investment strategy
  • The silver decade
  • A deep dive into the undervaluation of the mining sector

In other chapter of the report you can find:

  • An interview with Russell Napier on why he has switched from the deflation to the inflation camp
  • Legendary blogger FOFOA’s views on the Nixon shock
  • US analyst Lyn Alden’s guest editorial on the long-term debt cycle
  • Robert Breedlove’s answer the question “What is money?”

Full Version – English  (346 pages)
Compact Version – English (24 pages)

Full Version – Deutsch (359 Seiten)
Compact Version – Deutsch (24 Seiten)

Video with the key takeaways of the report:
English version
Deutsche Version

International press releases: 
Press Release (English)
Pressemitteilung (Deutsch)

Join us on our annual journey into trends in the global economy and how they impact gold. We hope you enjoy reading our 15th In Gold We Trust report as much as we enjoyed writing it.

Please feel free to share this email and the report with others who you think may also enjoy studying it! 

Have a great day and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! 

Yours truly,

Ronald-Peter Stoeferle & Mark J. Valek

PS: Our In Gold We Trust report Chinese version will be published in autumn 2021.

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