An Entirely New Way To Look At Cryptos

An Entirely New Way To Look At Cryptos

Forget for a moment the claims of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other tokens serving as a superior currency or store of value. While that may prove out, the true potential for the blockchain appears to be enabling the creation of real & sustainable commercial value over a new platform better suited to many of today’s most common transactions.

Just like the internet revolution moved a tremendous amount of commerce from the real analog world into the digital world, a similar migration is now underway – this time onto the blockchain.

And the value being unlocked is no longer just a promise at this point. Billions of dollars worth of actual transactions are being made by blockchain enterprises now.

It’s easier to think of the coming future role of cryptos as less like “digital gold” and more like “digital stocks” – where the holder owns a claim on the earnings of these blockchain enterprises.

The implications for this promise to be both massive and disruptive. And tremendous gains are currently being made by those who are actively buying in to these “companies of tomorrow”.

It’s important to underscore, though, that there’s still a ton of risk and unknown unknowns in this emergent and largely unregulated space. So a high degree of caution is warranted for those considering putting any capital in play here.

But the core idea of a continuation of the Analog to Internet and now Internet to Blockchain migration of Commerce is compelling. If it indeed happens, those who position themselves in the space early have the chance of buying tomorrow’s Google, Apple or Amazon at 1996 prices.

So, in keeping our promise to better inform you about the crypto space, here’s the excellent discussion Adam Taggart had at Wealthion’s recent conference with Stephen McBride, Chief Analyst at RiskHedge.

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