Where is the Price of Gold Headed?

Where is the Price of Gold Headed?

While gold hasn’t suffered nearly as much as other asset classes this year… it still hasn’t moved higher like many expected, which has many investors asking one question:

Where is the price of gold headed?

To help answer this question, best-selling author, Mike Maloney of GoldSilver.com, talks to Ronnie Stoeferle in his latest video.

First, Ronnie shows Mike a chart of the Buffett Indicator, which shows that we’re extremely close to a recession, if we’re not already there.

“The recession we’re already in could be quite dramatic, but it also tells me that the stimulus that should be expected, monetary stimulus and fiscal stimulus, will be even significantly higher than in 2020…” Ronnie Stoeferle, Managing Partner/Fund Manager, Incrementum AG

As many folks today are already struggling to buy groceries, fill their gas tanks, or purchase their first home, a looming recession is the last thing Americans need right now.

But the two note there is something you can do to protect yourself from this coming crisis.

Ronnie shows Mike a chart from page 30 of the Incremetum’s latest research report on gold, revealing gold’s price target…

By the end of this year, the model predicts gold could reach $2,187 per ounce… and by the end of 2030, gold could reach $4,821 per ounce…

That’s a potential gain of more than double from today’s prices.

That’s why Mike believes it’s critically important for everyone to own real assets like gold and silver during the coming years.

If you own gold, or are thinking about purchasing some for the first time, this is a video you don’t want to miss.

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