The Gold Price Fix – do we have a solution? Feat. Special Guest

The Gold Price Fix – do we have a solution? Feat. Special Guest

Spend and save in physical gold and silver.

We believe your money should be fair, tangible and honest.

Our vision

Our vision is to open up the true, enduring value of physical gold to the world, within a monetary system that introduces access, value and efficiency to all, while rewarding everybody who participates.

Our story

In 2011, the early imaginings of what would later become Kinesis were percolating in the mind of Thomas Coughlin, CEO. Thomas Coughlin envisioned a transformation of the global monetary system, a transformation that echoed the radical innovations he had made in the precious metals trading sphere, years earlier. Emergent technologies were fast catching up with the vision he had long held of a revolutionary new approach to money; where physical gold and silver were currencies digitally integrated within the economy, where all participants in the economy were rewarded equally.

Following years of careful planning and meticulous design, Kinesis was born. When the Kinesis blueprint hit the desk of investors worldwide, the response was monumental. Kinesis went on to become the 10th largest capital raising vehicle in 2019, selling a total sum of 190 million dollars in tokens.

Over 10 years’





Countries supported

Since its inception, Kinesis has achieved that which was assumed unachievable. Not least the technological feat of digitalising the timeless value of gold into spendable currency, integrating seamlessly with all financial infrastructure, old and new. In deriving a passive yield from gold, the Kinesis yield engine has accomplished what thousands of years of economic history could not. However, the impact of Kinesis financial technology extends beyond the monetary. Kinesis’ fair remittance provision and mobile financial access are changing the lives of financially underserved citizens in developing nations the world over.

The Kinesis team brings passion, dedication and commitment to bringing about the transformation of a broken economic system. Kinesis extends an open invitation to the people and governments of the world: become a part of a universally rewarding monetary system, without barriers or borders, operated in money that is fair, honest and holds value over time.


Industry Leaders in the commodities and exchange spaces

Kinesis was founded by strategic partners, Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX), a leading online exchange platform for physical bullion, with deep expertise gained from over 10+ years in the precious metals industry.

Prior to the conception of ABX in 2011, the precious metals trading industry was ingrained with systemic inefficiencies and run on archaic trading practices, where manual trading and open outcry were the norm. The manual trading process was problematic, expensive and inefficient, and in desperate need of transformation.

ABX, headed by Thomas Coughlin, recognised the opportunity for technological evolution. The company began laying the mass technological infrastructure for the first truly global electronic institutional exchange for allocated physical precious metals. Over the course of the last decade, ABX has modernised, globalised and integrated the precious metal markets, redefining the way physical bullion is traded. The result, an introduction of unprecedented efficiency, security, confidence, cost-effectiveness and accessibility to the physical precious metals industry.

ABX is no stranger to the disruptive force of technological progress. Kinesis brings ABX’s experience of wholesale systemic innovation to our mission to revolutionise the global monetary system. A mission in safe hands, steered by the invaluable industry insight of ABX.

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