How gold fits in your clients’ portfolios – and how to talk to them about it

As sticky core inflation and solid economic data continue to indicate a higher probability of a soft landing, advisers have seen clients’ risk appetite notably improve in recent months.

While this presents opportunities for advisers to make adjustments to clients’ portfolios accordingly, there is good reason to maintain investment in assets typically considered ‘safe havens’ like gold. 

Sometimes overlooked or misunderstood, gold is an asset that plays an important role in client portfolios amidst varying macroeconomic conditions.

Looking at the year so far, its recent price performance has remained resilient, even as the market outlook has shifted. 

According to the World Gold Council’s recent report on gold demand trends, total investment in the second quarter of 2023 was up 20 per cent year over year to 256 tonnes, pointing to a solid gold market globally.

This investment was driven primarily by bar and coin growth and over-the-counter (OTC) market strength.

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